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Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Kelly Z, as a child my nickname was Lily...and well, I am Still Lily after all. 

Inspired by nature, I believe art is truly a saving grace.  Whether I am swinging a hammer or creating with a paintbrush, what emerges is a bridge to self expression and bliss. 

Sharing art & guiding others in the experience of creating is a heartwarming and connective act.  


With an open approach and inspiring insight, I enjoying working with adults and children alike.  Whether it is joining me in a women's gathering painting class, a fun art evening/event, enrolling your child in one of my workshops or having me host a paint pARTy,  I look forward to sharing my background and creative experience with you!

Go Gently


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“The purpose of art

is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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